Jay West is a 27 year old Creative Director and Marketing Strategist located in the United Kingdom. His skills include graphic design, marketing and product development. From founding his successful business venture at ARMA.gg, to working as the creative director for FaZe Clan, he has developed countless visuals used by the great influencers of the esports community and beyond. 

As the owner and founder of ARMA.GG (Previously Arma Centrum), Jay organised and assisted in providing esports franchises and businesses within the gaming industry with bespoke high quality clothing for events and merchandising. The work produced by he and his company has been viewed by millions on live streams, billboards and television. His creative direction also assisted to the formation of visuals to showcase live event coverage, brand marketing and merchandise with the worlds most popular gaming organisation FaZe Clan.

Jay is proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom and InDesign and has experience working for both web and print. He also has experience using various 3D programs such as MAXON Cinema 4D for use in static web images. He is currently looking for the next venture and opportunity within esports to grow further as a creative.